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Version 7 Prices
Prices are in U.S. dollars.

(revised 12/11)


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SHIPPING CHARGES (add only when ordering a flash drive shipment)

U.S. orders: The shipping charge for a single flash drive delivered within the Continental U.S. by UPS or FedEx 2nd Day delivery is $24. For shipping charges to other U.S. locations or for the cost of next day shipping, please email to inquire, giving us your complete shipping address with Zip code. UPS does not count weekends in these services, although Saturday delivery is possible at extra cost. We typically ship the day after we receive an order, excluding weekends. We can not ship to PO Boxes.

International orders: Shipment costs and vary greatly according to location. FedEx tends to be less expensive than UPS for non-U.S. destinations. We will choose the less costly option for you unless you specify a preference. Please email us for shipping costs and estimated shipping time. Include your exact shipping address, telephone number, and Postal Code where applicable. Neither courier will ship to a PO Box. To convert U.S. dollars to your currency, use the currency converter at the bottom of this page.


Some organizations routinely order mechandise by use of a “Purchase Order”, which is a method of receiving and using the merchandise before paying for it. It requires the merchant to send a separate invoice to request payment for the merchandise typically within 30 days after it is received. We accept purchase orders only from recognized institutions in the U.S. but otherwise we do not accept them. A 5% processing fee should be added to the price of software ordered with an institutional purchase order. Do not include the shipping charge when calculating the 5% fee. Purchase orders must be accompanied by a completed Order Form that includes the responsible psychologist’s name and contact information.


Accredited U.S. educational institutions and U.S. training sites may qualify for an educational discount from the regular price of new software. There is no discount offered for upgrades to software originally purchased using the educational discount. To request approval, please click here to download the Educational Discount Application, fill it out, and submit it by fax, email, or postal mail. We will notify you about approval by email. If approved, you may submit the regular Order Form using the discounted price.


Version 6 can no longer be ordered or replaced. However, free V6 updates are still available by download.

If ordering the flash drive version, please add the shipping charges as described above. All prices are subject to change without notice. No more than one discount can be applied to a purchase. A 5% processing fee is added to the price of software ordered by institutional purchase orders (U.S. only) that requires us to submit a bill for future payment.

Minor updates of the same major version are free: Version 7 automatically updates itself if the computer is connected to the Internet. (Updates of Version 6.00 to the final V6.05 are available by download from this website.)

New ROR-SCAN customer: $675

Supervised student: $550
Students must submit a Supervisor Qualification Form (at the bottom of the Order Form) signed by a licensed psychologist who agrees to supervise their use of the software and attests that the student is currently enrolled in a U.S. graduate program.

Network installations: A network version is available. Pricing is based on the number of people you want to be able to operate the software at the same time (“concurrent users”). To request a quote, please email and state your needs. Please note that our network version will run only on a traditional network. It can not run on virtual machines such as Citrix systems, “thin client” networks, or Microsoft’s own virtual machine.

V6 to V7 upgrade prices:

Upgrades of ROR-SCAN V6 flash drives:

Option 1: Upgrade your V6 flash drive to V7 by downloading the V7 installer:


Option 2: Upgrade to V7 by returning your old style V6 flash drive and getting V7 on the new style flash drive. This applies only for V6 flash drives with the removable plastic cap. $375

For this option, we pay the shipping charge. To exchange your old style V6 flash drive for our new style, larger capacity and more rugged V7 flash drive, first send us your order form. After we acknowledge it by email, return your V6 flash drive to ROR-SCAN, 7400 Arbor Valley Drive, Edmond, OK 73025. Before shipping, copy any Rorschach files you may have written to the flash drive (those with .RW6, .TRN, or .INQ extensions) to a hard drive and delete them from the flash drive. If you stored any other files on your flash drive, please remove them also. Do NOT delete any program files! We will return a new style V7 flash drive by UPS 2nd Day Air if you are in the mainland U.S. or by FedEx or UPS otherwise. Please understand that we can not be responsible for returns that we do not receive.

Upgrades of V6 CD/diskette or download: $375 (+ shipping if ordering the flash drive)

Upgrades from Version 5: $425 (+ shipping if ordering the flash drive)

Upgrades from Version 4 or earlier: $600 (+ shipping if ordering the flash drive)

IMPORTANT: Because of potential compatibility problems with flash drives, it is not possible to use our download installer to install V7 on your own flash drive. You can use the installer only to upgrade a V6 flash drive to V7 or to install V7 on your hard drive.  Universal Currency Converter ®
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