ROR-SCAN for Windows, Rorschach software for Exner’s Comprehensive System

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What is ROR-SCAN?

It is computer software, most often used by psychologists, for their work in personality assessment. Specifically, the software assists in the use of the Rorschach test using the scoring and interpretation methods of Exner’s
Comprehensive System.

  • Proper application of the Comprehensive System is time-intensive.
  • ROR-SCAN saves you time. It streamlines scoring, abolishes statistical calculations, generates interpretations based on solid research, both past and recent, organizes clinical information, and helps you examine the scoring basis of every hypothesis.

ball-gre Licensing of ROR-SCAN software is restricted to qualified professionals.
     ROR-SCAN © 1988-2003 by Philip F. Caracena, All rights reserved, worldwide

sq-red  What is the Rorschach? (a thumbnail sketch)

Commonly known as the "inkblot test", the Rorschach is one of the most widely used psychological assessment methods for obtaining information about how people function psychologically. The test uses a standard set of cards with inkblots printed on them and there is a standard way to solicit a person’s responses to the inkblots. The Rorschach dates back to 1921 and had a controversial and colorful early history. Its scientific acceptance was achieved through the development of the Comprehensive System (CS), first devised in the 1970’s by John E. Exner, Jr., Ph.D. and his team of researchers. Due to its large body of empirical research and its well-normed database, the CS now provides the most reliable and valid system for using the Rorschach. Although other systems are used, the CS is the one most widely taught in universities and used by Rorschach researchers and clinicians.