ROR-SCAN – Rorschach Software for Exner’s Comprehensive System

“The Rorschach Software of Choice”
Smith and Hilsenroth, Journal of Personality Assessment, 80(1), 108-110

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Welcome to ROR-SCAN,
the leading software for the CS since 1988.

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  Our new ROR-SCAN Reporter software will be released Summer, 2015 when our redesigned website will have its brand new look!  The new software offers several entirely free benefits plus an option to obtain reports on a pay-per-use basis.  Please check back or enter your email address above to receive updates to this page.

 Research using the Comprehesive System continues. Exciting findings have come from Piero Porcelli’s group in their work with M responses and mirror neurons, confirming for the first time the theoretical basis of M responses through neurobiology. Hermann Rorschach got it right: M responses indicate kinesthetic identification. Earlier research from Piero (2010) helped to confirm the construct validity of D and Dadj as indicators of stress control. A research focus on basic concepts such as these has been sorely needed.

  sq-red Windows AutoRun: Microsoft’s Windows updates have removed one of the “AutoRun” features that made it easy to run software that resides on a flash drive. With all versions of Windows, AutoRun now requires you to take a few extra steps to start ROR-SCAN or any other software that runs on a flash drive. To read the new instructions for running the program on your flash drive, click here. (On some computers AutoRun may not yet be disabled. That means the computer has not yet been updated, perhaps because it has not been connected to the Internet.)

  sq-red Considering going to Windows 8? Not a problem for ROR-SCAN 7.

  sq-red Mark Hilsenroth has made available the 104-page 2nd edition of the Hilsenroth & Charnas Rorschach Training Manual. CS researchers and teachers will find it invaluable. Click here to read about it and download your free copy.

 sq-red Version 7.01 update: A free update of ROR-SCAN, V7.00, was released. To update your Version 7.00 software, open the program on a computer that connects to the Internet, wait 10 seconds, and the Automatic Updater will ask if you want to update to Version 7.01. Your options are to click “now” or “later”. If you click “now”, the update will be installed automatically. Two files will download, the program will close itself very briefly, and it will re-open as V 7.01. The changes in V 7.01 are listed on the Automatic Updater’s opening screen, but you can also see the list by clicking here. To see what was new in Version 7.00, click here.

Version 7 for new customers:

   sq-red New customers can purchase Version 7 pre-installed on a flash drive or by download for installation on a PC’s hard drive. We most often recommend the flash drive version, as we did for Version 6, because of the advantages of running the software directly from the flash drive instead of from a computer’s hard drive (see ROR-SCAN FLASH). If you prefer the download version, please read on.

When copy-protected software such as ROR-SCAN is installed from a download to a computer’s hard drive, a hidden “activation” file must be installed before the program will run. If that file becomes contaminated by a virus, is moved, or is replaced by a backup copy, then it becomes invalid.  The software’s copy protection then detects the invalid activation file and alerts you that the program is not activated.  In contrast, when ROR-SCAN runs straight from our flash drive, the pre-installed activation file remains safely on the flash drive, protected from most risks. 

Because there are definite advantages to the download version (such as no shipping charges), some people prefer it.  If that is your preference, we recommend that you follow a highly effective way to safeguard the activation file.  It is simply to de-activate the program after each use and to re-activate it when you’re ready to use it again.  Doing that removes the activation from your hard drive and returns it to our server where it stays safely stored until you need it again.  If your computer can connect to the Internet, activation and deactivation can be done quickly and easily,  We strongly advise you take this simple precaution if you prefer the download version.

For instructions to download the software, continue below.  For information about ordering the flash drive version, click here.

Version 7 for ROR-SCAN upgraders:

   sq-red Customers with Version 6 or earlier versions purchased on a CD/diskette or by download can upgrade to V7 on a flash drive or by download. Please read the flash drive recommendations we make to new customers, above.

   sq-red Customers with Version 6 purchased on a flash drive can upgrade to Version 7 by using one of the following methods:

(a) If you purchased V6 on our original style flash drive (with the removable plastic cap) and would like to have V7 on our new style flash drive (with the metal swivel cover shown in the picture), you can return your V6 flash drive for exchange. Please read the details about this option. If you want to keep your original style V6 flash drive, you can upgrade it to V7 by method (b), below.

(b) You can upgrade your V6 flash drive to V7 by download. First purchase an Activation Code from us by downloading and sending us the order form. Then download (see below) and run our V7 installer to upgrade your V6 flash drive to V7. After the installer finishes, you can type in your Activation Code and activate the V7 upgrade over the Internet. Your activation of V7 on the flash drive will be just as safe and permanent as the original V6 flash drive authorization was. Note: Upgrading a V6 flash drive to V7 does not make the activation file vulnerable to hard drive problems because the activation file is not installed on the computer.


   sq-red Please click Pricing for the cost of new purchases and upgrades.

To download the Version 7 installer:

   sq-red The installer can either install Version 7 on your hard drive or upgrade your V6 flash drive to Version 7. Click here for instructions and the installer download link.

Flash drive:

   sq-red    Click ROR-SCAN FLASH for an explanation of our flash drive version. It is portable, secure, safe, and convenient. No floppy drive or CD drive is needed to run the program.

Other announcements:

   sq-red    Windows VISTA compatibility for Version 6: ROR-SCAN 6.03 (or higher) is compatible with Microsoft’s Vista operating system. However, Vista does not automatically let you use the V6 context-sensitive help system. To learn how to use ROR-SCAN’s help system under Vista, please click here. If you have an early CD/diskette version of V6 and you get “error 219” when you attempt to install to Vista, please contact us for instructions.


What is ROR-SCAN?

It is computer software, most often used by psychologists for their work in personality assessment. Specifically, the software assists in the use of the Rorschach test using the scoring and interpretation methods of Exner’s Comprehensive System.

  • Proper application of the Comprehensive System is time-intensive.
  • ROR-SCAN saves you time. It streamlines scoring, performs all necessary statistical calculations, generates interpretative hypotheses based on solid research, both past and recent, organizes clinical information, and discloses the scoring basis of every hypothesis. The software helps the psychologist make proper use of Rorschach findings.

ball-gre Licensing of ROR-SCAN software is restricted to qualified professionals.
     ROR-SCAN © 1988-2015 by Philip F. Caracena, All rights reserved, worldwide

sq-red  What is the Rorschach? (a thumbnail sketch)

Commonly known as the “inkblot test”, the Rorschach is one of the most widely used psychological assessment methods for obtaining information about how people function psychologically. The test uses a standard set of cards with inkblots printed on them and there is a standard way to solicit a person’s responses to the inkblots. The Rorschach dates back to 1921 and had a controversial and colorful early history. Its scientific acceptance was achieved through the development of the Comprehensive System (CS), first devised in the 1970’s by John E. Exner, Jr., Ph.D. and his team of researchers. Due to its very large body of empirical research and its well-normed database, the CS now provides the most reliable and valid system for use of the Rorschach. Although other systems are used, the CS is the one most widely taught in universities, most used by Rorschach researchers and clinicians, and most accepted by the profession and in the courtroom.