"The Rorschach Software of Choice"



What is it?

ROR-SCAN FLASH is ROR-SCAN 7 software pre-installed and pre-authorized on a USB 2.0 flash drive.

What’s a USB flash drive?

– A flash drive, also called a "jump" or "thumb" drive, plugs into your computer’s USB port and acts like a removable, portable hard drive. Using a flash memory chip, the drive has no moving parts and needs no batteries. Digital cameras use flash drives to store pictures that can be uploaded into a computer. Flash drives may eventually replace vulnerable hard drives.

What’s the advantage?

– Safety – This will be the most important reason for using the flash drive version if your computer’s hard drive fails or is affected by a virus. Because the software and its authorization are not installed on your computer, ROR-SCAN stays undamaged and operable on the flash drive. Therefore, it can be plugged into another computer and run while your damaged computer is being repaired. In addition, if you unplug the flash drive, there are no precautions to take before letting a technician work on your computer. You can even drop the flash drive on the floor without damaging it.

– No diskette drive – If your computer has no diskette drive or no CD drive, you can’t use the CD/diskette media that we have used for years. ROR-SCAN FLASH replaces that system.

– Portability – Carry ROR-SCAN FLASH with you, plug it into any computer’s USB port that runs Windows XP/ME/2000/Vista or 98SE (Windows 98, First Edition does not support flash drives), and run ROR-SCAN straight from the flash drive. No need to install ROR-SCAN on the different computers you use, transfer authorizations, or buy additional authorizations. No need to carry your laptop just to run the program or wait until you can get to a computer on which ROR-SCAN is installed.

– Security – You can save your ROR-SCAN records directly on the flash drive and take them with you, leaving no records on the computer’s hard drive – or you can choose to save your records directly on the computer’s hard drive. The 256 MB ROR-SCAN FLASH can store many thousands of ROR-SCAN records (more than 200 MB). Move them to a computer’s hard drive at your convenience.

– No Hassle – There is no need to install the program or install an "authorization" on your computer’s hard drive, no key disk to use, no invalidated authorizations due to hard drive crashes, viruses, or other computer problems, no email exchanges of codes – just plug in ROR-SCAN FLASH and go!

– Advanced technology – Solid state flash drives are more reliable than mechanical hard drives.

Can I install the program on my own flash drive?

– Using your own flash drive is not advised because the formatting of some flash drives will invalidate the authorization to run the program. In addition, some flash drives use proprietary startup procedures or security systems that can create problems and interfere with automatic startup. Our flash drive has been thoroughly tested and will safely store the authorization. See Tech Tips for details.

Specifications: (subject to change without notice)

Size: (LxHxW) about 2 1/4" X 3/8" X 3/4" (See photo above.)

Weight: 0.5oz
Physical description: The USB casing is black and has a "rubberized" feel. Attached to the case is a brushed stainless steel swivel imprinted with the ROR-SCAN logo in black. Rotate the metal swivel to cover the USB plug when the drive is not in use. The red LED can be seen from the end of the rubberized case.
Flash memory capacity: 256 MB (ROR-SCAN occupies less than 12 MB)
Transfer rate: ~ 10 MB/sec
Access speed: .5 ms
Shock Resistance: more than 1000G
Warranty: 5 year replacement with normal use. Flash drives with non-current versions of the software can only be replaced by upgrading to the current version.

No cap to lose – swivel the attached metal cover to protect the USB plug
Extension cables available at most computer stores can be used for hard-to-reach USB ports
Lanyard (available at most computer stores) or keyring can be attached
Red LED indicates power and data transfer
Simple instructions included
Samsung flash memory has more than 10 years data retention
Full compliance with Universal Serial Bus Specification v2.0 and backward compatible with USB 1.1
USB 2.0 data transfer rate up to 40X faster than USB 1.1
No external power required – USB ports provide the power
Plug it into a USB port and it functions like a removable external hard drive
No driver needed for Windows XP/ME/2000/Vista
Supports Windows 98SE (2nd edition) with free downloadable driver available below
No driver needed for Mac OS 9.x (Mac users need Windows emulation software to run ROR-SCAN.)

Driver download for Windows 98SE (2nd edition):
This driver is needed only for Windows 98SE. The first edition of Windows 98 does not support flash drives. If you want to use ROR-SCAN FLASH on a computer running Windows 98SE, click here to download the required driver installer (UStorageWin98Driver20.exe) and save it to your W98SE desktop. After the download completes, double-click the file, follow the simple instructions, and the driver will be automatically installed. Note the location you choose to store the driver. When you plug in the flash drive, Windows will detect the "new hardware" and ask where to find a driver for it. Browse to the location you chose during installation so that it can be found. An Installation Guide (InstallGuide-Win98Driver20.doc) can be downloaded here but because it can take a very long time to download and is not really needed, we suggest that you not bother with it.

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