How To Order
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How to order

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We require a completed Order Form to establish your qualifications to purchase and use the software according to professional guidelines. If you are requesting the educational discount, before sending an Order Form please first submit the Educational Discount Application Form for approval.

Completing an Order Form: To download an Order Form that you can fill out and print, left-click here, open the Order Form in Word, type in the required information, and then use Word to print the completed form. The Order Form requires that you have read and agree to the terms of our software license agreement, available by clicking here.

Sending the Order Form: Instructions to order by fax or postal mail are printed on the Order Form. Be sure to include your valid email address so we can acknowledge your order and send you a Product Code if you are ordering the software by download. Please send an email to to notify us of your fax. Sometimes faxes do not come through, the form may have been inserted wrong side down, our email to you may be blocked as spam, or we may be unable to read the fax well enough to get your correct email address. If you don’t hear from us, try sending from a different email address. You may need to notify your system administrator to allow incoming email from our e-mail address.

Dialing our fax number: Our fax number is:

(405) 341-9132
(International calls require dialing an international dialing code for the U.S.)

You must press your fax machine’s Start button to activate our fax reception.

Payment methods: MasterCard or VISA credit card, check, or a U.S. institutional purchase order

Credit card: If you use a VISA or MasterCard credit card and send the completed Order Form by fax, orders usually are processed the same day. Please follow up your fax order by sending us a notice by e-mail so we can confirm reception of your fax. It is not safe to send credit card information by e-mail.

Check: If you pay by check, please send it and the Order Form by postal mail. Our address is:

ROR-SCAN, 7400 Arbor Valley Drive, Edmond, OK 73025 U.S.A.

Purchase orders: These are accepted only from recognized U.S. institutions and can be faxed or mailed. Please be sure to send a completed Order Form along with the purchase order. A 5% processing fee will be charged for use of a purchase order that requires us to send a bill.

Wire transfer: Wire transfers are not accepted. Please use one of the other payment options.

Shipping the flash drive version: Shipping applies only to orders for the flash drive version. Shipments are made the next business day after your order is received. All shipments are made by UPS. Cost to the Continental U.S. for UPS 2nd Day Air is $20 for single orders. To inquire about overnight or Saturday UPS shipping, please provide your exact address and postal code. International UPS rates vary. You may inquire by e-mail about the cost to your location, telling us your exact mailing address, telephone number, and Postal Code (where applicable). Because international UPS rates are high, if you have an alternate way to receive the flash drive, let us know and we will try to cooperate. We have not had good experiences shipping through regular postal services and have stopped using them.

Downloading the software: Before downoading our software, please be sure you have your Product Code. Our downoaded software is delivered to you in a "deactivated" state. The software must then be activated before you can use it. To activate the software, you must enter a valid Product Code and use an Internet connection. After we receive and process your order form, we will send your Product Code by e-mail. Please be sure that our e-mail address is not blocked by your Internet provider or by spam filters. If necessary, you can ask us to send your Product Code by fax. When you enter your Product Code as instructed in the software, your download of ROR-SCAN will become activated and can then be used.

Our installation program lets you choose one of the following types of installations:

1. Install Version 7 on your computer’s hard drive.

(As explained elsewhere, for safety and convenience we routinely recommend the flash drive version rather than a hard drive installation.)

After you activate the downloaded software, you will be able to run the program on your hard drive. If you have an Internet connection, you can automatically activate and deactivate ROR-SCAN as often as you wish and whenever you wish. The purpose of that capability is to enable you to use the program on different computers at different times. You can download the deactivated software onto several computers, activate it on your "preferred" computer, and then if you later want to use the program on a different computer, you can deactivate the program on your "preferred" computer and then activate the program on the other computer. If both computers can connect to the Internet, automatic activation and deactivation is very easy and fast. It is possible to activate and deactivate an installation on a computer that does not have an Internet connection by using the Manual method rather than the Automatic method, but the Manual method is more complex and difficult to do. Complete instructions for using both methods are included with the software.

Only one installation can be activated at a time unless you purchase additional activations. Your Product Code can be modifed to increase the number of computers that can be activated simultaneously.

2. Upgrade your Version 6 flash drive to Version 7.

(If you have our original style V6 flash drive with a removable plastic cap, you can exchange it for our new style V7 flash drive instead of using the download method to upgrade your flash drive. Click here for details.)

To install V7 on your V6 flash drive, you should first have your Product Code ready so you can activate the new Version. The V7 activation stays as safe from hard drive and computer problems as your V6 authorization has been.

Before you start the upgrade installation, plug in your V6 flash drive and make sure that ROR-SCAN is closed and not running. For your convenience, the installer will offer to copy any files you may have in your V6 FILES folder to the new V7 FILES folder. You will also be asked if you want V7 to automatically start when you plug in the flash drive instead of starting V6. Version 6 will still be operable on the flash drive but you will need to create a desktop shortcut if you want to run it. If you have downloaded the complete FQ tables for V6, you can use them in V7 by manually copying the complete RFQTable folder from V6 to V7’s RFQTable folder, letting it overwrite V7’s RFQTable folder.

Click here to download the Version 7 installer. You can either run the installer straight from the website or save it to your hard drive and then run it. You will need your Product Code to activate (and deactivate) the software.

IMPORTANT: Because of possible compatibility problems with flash drives, it is not possible to use our download installer to install V7 on your own flash drive. You can use the installer only to upgrade a V6 flash drive to V7 or to install V7 on your hard drive.

Return privileges: If you are not happy with the software for any reason within 60 days of delivery, your purchase price will be refunded (less any shipping fee). You must first obtain return permission from ROR-SCAN. Flash drives must show no evidence of mishandling or tampering with files. Alterations or damage to the flash drive may disqualify your return privilege. In the case of downloaded software, you must first request special instructions so that we can verify deactivation of your software.