FACEBOOK HIDDEN TOOL: The Best Facebook Scanner

When you talk about social media, no doubt you will hear about Facebook. This is because Facebook is the most popular social media site you can use. Originally, Facebook is limited to just college students who attend Harvard. But Facebook have since open it door to other users all around the world in 2006. Currently, it serves worldwide except for any country it is banned. Statistically, Facebook have about 2 billion active users.
Facebook Stalker Hidden Pictures – Private Profile Viewer
  On Facebook, users can upload photo or video or other multimedia files. User can also post text or article on Facebook. User can browse other Facebook users and see their posts as well as add them as friend to better stay touch with them. Once another user added as a friend, they will have a shortcut to create on Facebook right panel. From this panel, user can choose a friend to have conversation with. Through this messenger, use can create a chat group to have conversation with more than one person at once. Each post has a comment section, user can also have a conversation this way. But unlike with messenger, comments can be seen by anyone who saw the thread.

Speak of posts can be seen by anyone, user can adjust visibility of your post with privacy settings. These settings can make posts or user Facebook profile to be seen only by other users who is on the friend list or just profile owner. Facebook scanner is a tool that can help Facebook user with privacy and security issues. These scanners can scan their profiles for issues such as sensitive contents too easily accessible or two factor authentications is not active…. Why these tools can be used by Facebook stalker, but they can be used for security reasons.


There are Facebook profile viewer. These are just viewer than can browse Facebook without any annoyances. These viewers are mostly created by some users who find default layout of Facebook to be poor and lackluster. And there are Facebook private profile viewer. Unlike regular Facebook profile viewer, these viewers can let user see more than what Facebook allow them to see. For example, Facebook hidden pictures. These are example of hidden contents. If one doesn’t care about hidden contents, Facebook profile viewer should be enough for them. Facebook private profile viewer can be used to view private posts or profiles. But they are very rare or outdated. So, if one wish to use it can have a hard time finding them. Facebook scanner can also scan for hidden contents. This also include Facebook hidden pictures. Facebook stalker is also the name of a scanner with can also help with privacy issues. Instead scanning for hidden contents or privacy or security issues, they can scan for visitor of the scanned Facebook profile. This can help with tracking visitors to one Facebook homepage and root out who is stalking. However, these scanners have same problems as Facebook private profile viewer. That mean they are either rare or severely outdated and unusable.