Comparison Table

"The Rorschach Software of Choice"

CD/diskette or FLASH version?

A comparison table to help you decide which version is best for you

(revised 4/2/06)

ROR-SCAN FLASH is the more versatile and simpler choice.

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CD/Diskette version
Use on a computer with no floppy drive No4 Yes3
Use on a computer with no CD drive No Yes3
Use on a computer with no Internet connection Yes Yes3
Install on Zip drive Yes No
Install on your own flash drive No No
Use on two computers6 Yes1 N/A3
Uninstall Yes N/A3
Re-install on same computer Yes N/A3
Transfer to a different computer Yes1 Yes3
Vulnerable to hard drive crash Yes No
International customers Customs Tax (VAT) Possible5 Possible5
U.S. or State Tax (except Oklahoma) No No
Major upgrade discounts Yes Yes
Free minor updates by download Yes Yes
Purchase of additional authorization Yes2 N/A
Mac use with Windows emulation software Yes Yes
Available for educational, multi-user, or network use Yes Educational only

1 By use of the Authorization Manager and diskette

2 By use of the Authorization Manager and an email exchange of codes

3 The software runs on the computer but it is never installed on it. The software is literally "portable" because it runs directly from the flash drive when plugged into any computer’s USB port.

4 Installation sometimes is possible with the installation of some external floppy drives.

5 The software is shipped without an invoice. Taxation depends on your customs agency’s policies.

6 With the CD/diskette version this requires installation of your backup authorization on the second computer. Both installations must only be used by the same person (a multi-user license is required if a different person uses the second installation).