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This page is devoted to information and news about matters relating to the Comprehensive System. Your contributions are welcome – just click here to send a message.

Rorschach Training Programs

2011: This group offers superb CS training by Drs. Barry Ritzler and Tony Sciara, instructors who for many years taught through Rorschach Workshops. For RTP scheduling, please visit their website, Rorschach Training Programs. Our home page announces their highly recommended new teaching tool, Interpretation Workbook for the Rorschach Comprehensive System. Also check out The Little Book on Administration for the Rorschach Comprehensive System, with its accompanying DVD – an excellent primer on CS administration by Drs. Ritzler and Sciara that will help further standardize the procedures. If you can’t get to an introductory workshop, buy this book and DVD! It’s perfect for teaching administration to novices and for periodic review by old-timers to the System. Dr. Ritzler’s list of CS readings is a valuable addition to their website.

9/10: Mark Hilsenroth has kindly made available the 2nd edition of the Hilsenroth & Charmas Rorschach Training Manual. For CS researchers, it offers a set of very clear procedures to train people to code the CS reliably, a set of 30 accurately coded practice protocols (half clinical and half non-clinical) of graded difficulty levels, and even step-by-step instructions for calculating inter-rater coding reliability. Teachers of the CS should also find this manual of great benefit. Download the PDF file here.

2008: Rorschach data from a host of international samples were published in JPA. These data may be valuable for the many users of the CS around the world.

2005: Rorschach Workshops released data from a newly collected norm group of 450 adults, offering a useful view of the Rorschach’s stability and also important changes in some variables. It is uncertain whether more data will become available.

Rorschach Coding Solutions: A Reference Guide for the Comprehensive System by Dr. Don Viglione is an invaluable resource of clear guidelines and examples that help ensure accurate and reliable coding. The book is especially helpful for making decisions about the many difficult to code responses that are not sufficiently covered by guidelines found in Exner’s Workbook. We believe it is an essential tool for anyone using Exner’s Comprehensive System. For a more complete description of this important book, click

Rorschach Workshops

Rorschach Workshops continues to offer CS books and other CS material. Because the Exner family benefits directly, we urge you to make your CS purchases through Our CS Corner includes a sub-section with information that includes the corrected norm tables from the 5th edition Workbook and a list of recent CS changes. To go to the Rorschach Workshops section, click Rorschach Workshops.

2/2/06: The founder of the Comprehensive System, John E. Exner, Jr., Ph.D., passed away. He left us a rich legacy and we miss him greatly. The beginnings of a biography can be found at but for a fond and hilarious remembrance, obtain from SPA the Exner Roast DVD starring Phil Erdberg reading from The Text.

7/21/05 The Society of Personality Assessment released its White Paper on the Rorschach. Click here to obtain the SPA Board’s official statement summarizing the issues and evidence concerning the Rorschach. This is a "must have" for practitioners involved in forensic work and for all concerned about state-of-the-art Rorschach.

5/21/05 ROR-SCAN was made available pre-installed and pre-authorized on a flash drive. This technological innovation solves the problem of using ROR-SCAN on computers without floppy drives, makes the program highly portable from one computer to another, and makes it next to impossible to lose the copy protection’s authorization file in the event of a hard drive crash or computer malfunction. It has proven to be very popular.

Research Wish List

If you are a graduate student searching for a project, thesis, or dissertation, mull over some of these ideas. The ones on the list may not be too hard to accomplish and are relatively straightforward, worthwhile projects. Click Research Wish List.

Rorschach Reference Listings

Ongoing one-sided Rorschach PR in the popular press motivates us to list various journal articles on this web site that more objectively address issues of CS validity, reliability, and application. Please feel free to use these listings as you see fit. Additional contributions are always welcome. Click here to see the current listings.

Rorschach Listserv

Join us and hundreds of others on the Rorschach listserv. Although participation on the list is no substitute for attending workshops, list members can obtain help with coding and interpretation from their peers just by posting questions on the list. Even simply "lurking" on the list is educational and often fun.

To learn more about the Rorschach List group, visit

To subscribe to the Rorschach List send an email to

3/3/99 We received Dr. Exner’s responses to the long list of possible errors in the practice coding examples section of the 4th edition Workbook digested from Jack Gerber’s Rorschach list. Please note, however, that the current Workbook is the 5th edition!) The items in the 4th edition have been a source of frustration for some and have brought about much speculation. To see the list, others’ responses, and Dr. Exner’s comments about each item, click here.

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