Chrome 50 launched: officially stopped supporting Windows XP, Vista

Google has officially launched Chrome version 50 with notification feature is changing stronger and it is noteworthy that this version will discontinue support for the older versions of Windows such as XP or Vista. You may not have noticed, but the latest update of the Chrome browser was up to Version 50 on the ecosystem, Windows, Mac and Linux. Update for mobile devices also are being built but not yet have the schedule released specific (for iOS and Android). The development team of Google has released Chrome version 50 last night (June 13/4) after beta and alpha appeared so long ago. Much has changed in this update but it is mainly targeted at the development of features and improve performance. Means that users hardly find many completely new features on Chrome version 50 this. The biggest change of Chrome 50’s will no longer support the operating system obsolete. The reason come mainly from the enhance security for users of this browser. Last year, the development team of Chrome has announced the next version of the browser will not support Windows XP, Vista and the Mac OS X version older than Mavericks. Of course the previous version of Chrome will still work with these platforms, but if not upgrade, the user will miss the security patches and new features. According to the Neowin, Chrome 50 also includes multiple security patches and fix bugs, as well as a change visible in notification feature. This change has been tested gradually from the recent version of Chrome and is still Google continued to improve with Chrome 50. This feature will avoid re-display notification on mobile devices when users view them on the computer. Users can also adjust the sound, duration, and icon of the notification. A noticeable omission is Chrome 50 still has not been designed according to language flat Material Design, and perhaps this is only possible in the following updates. In addition, Chrome 50 will have more features preload helps to improve browsing speed and content display. The content on the website will be displayed before the entire website is download a way full. According To VnReview.